Friday, June 12, 2009

A very quick update on my week…

Monday – boring. So standard I couldn’t even think what to take a photo of. Or talk about. Maybe the kids’ homework? The car dashboard? Dunno.
Tuesday – got onto JetStar and brought Si a weekend home very cheap. Brilliantly cheap!
Wednesday – was supposed to be the D Day for work. Instead they didn’t show up, causing a lot of resentment. The email came thru at 1.35pm about when they were coming – it should have been a lot earlier! But I found out I was nominated for the Warriors Women in League so Lynne and I are going to the function and games on Friday. Yay!
Thursday – amazingly, I almost slept thru the night. First time in two weeks and OMG I can see my ankles again! Got called up for my one-on-one late in the morning. Jerome said that he regretted to tell me that my application for X position had been unsuccessful. Said thanks, but actually I didn’t apply for that position. His face was priceless. Honestly, I could have wet my pants laughing – if it wasn’t so tragically Mickey Mouse. Pointed out that in the general meeting the previous day he had said this wasn’t an opportunity for promotion, and that I’d taken this on board. He said he couldn’t remember saying that, but in this light they needed to reconsider my application. Half an hour later, I have a job. I really think that I was going to be made redundant but their error has meant that they can’t. But happy, as now I have a leaving date, parental leave and a job to return to. Everything I wanted!
Friday – Got wolf whistled at and turned around. On seeing my 32 week belly, his mates gave him grief. Bit late, buddy, I said. Still smiling – he didn’t expect that! Then breakfast with Michelle at Divan. Yummy muesli and fruit. Some loose ends to tie up at work and then some business reading. I need to get some chapters read and notes down.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project 365 - the second week

Here's the spread from this week...Monday is washing Bubs clothes, Tuesday is a print from a new title submission (quite unusual for me to like this sort of print, as I'm more an Impressionist fan, but it reminded me of a very intricate tattoo I once saw) and Wednesday is my catch-up with Barb, my midwife. Spookily I noticed that I drew, completely at random, the same set of journalling tags. Thursday was doing my "homework" or as it is better known, prepping for the interview; Friday was going thru the clothes Aunty Sharon brought; Saturday is about my league team, and being so happy handing out jackets; Sunday was about my altered tin project.
Enjoying this album - it's not really like it's work. Which is something I can relate to!

today's project - scrapping an altered tin

Got a bit bored today - the intention was to clean out my stash. Instead I got sidetracked (as you do) and here's the result. I'm quite pleased with it - my first attempt at altering anything.
What you need:

  • a clean tin (mine measures 5.8 x 9cm)
  • strip of paper - I've used a 8.5cm wide strip of Bazzill. I then measured and concertina foldered this at 5cm spacing, with one space being slightly larger than the others - this gives 10 spaces for phots/journalling and one for the title (I chose to use the largest). I've inked this (Versa color 174 charcoal), punch a hole in the centre of the largest sheet and instead of ribbon, I've used twine as the pull tab. I also used the corner rounder on the pages, as the edges of the tin are rounded.
  • photos - here I chose 13 random ones from some of the places we've been as a family so far this year.

  • Rub-ons - using from the stash Making Memories Heidi
  • Pen - a plain black Zig marker
  • Glue - I just used plain PVA that was in the boys stash and to decorate the lid simply, a Pebbles, Inc sticker that's been in my stash for a few years too.

I have seen some other altered tins that are highly decorated on the outside but that's just not my thing. I have been thinking about how I could alter some other tins - maybe tags in one of those mint tins with the hinged lids? I can see myself buying Fisherman's Friends and tipping out the contents...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Project 365 & a work update

Just a quick update about work - I had my interview and think it went OK. I didn't walk out with that "doh!" feeling that you can have, thinking oops I forgot to tell them feeling pretty cool about things and just waiting to hear back on Wednesday.

Here's the first page from my P365. As of right now I am up-to-date (gasp!) and should be posting this week's pages tomorrow.

Some hidden journalling behind the Thursday photo, Friday is of Louise's baking and the gorgeous smell that floats thru the house when she's home; Sat was about setting up the cot and mobile (the same the boys both used, and Zac still loves), and Sunday is a portion of Bran's ticket from Mt Smart, where he took part in the march-by of all the Auckland clubs before the Wariors played and beat the Tigers.