Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've moved

I'm not happy with Blogger, so I've moved. Everything can now be found at ...

see you there!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Arezzo with dress converted to blue
Stitching has taken a back seat this week. Training plus my birthday on Monday, cadets and plantingTuesday, more training Wednesday and walking last night has meant today is my only stitching time. Lots of reading tho!

We have nearly finished the retaining wall (just the capping for extra seating) hence the planting - now have Liriope Silver Dragon (from Dianes as the chain stores don't carry and wouldn't order) lining both sides of the driveway and Carex varieties lining where the path meets the retaining wall. And a beautiful Boysenberry Brulee to train up the post that the shade sails will connect to It sounds odd when reading the description and parentage, but also yummy.

Next garden project (as we will be waiting on the soil delivery so can't buy or plant the remaining fruit trees I want) is a pallet wall garden for the herbs and strawberrys that will be fixed to the brick wall between the ranch slider and lounge window. Did discover that the local Palmers (Glen Eden) is closing this weekend but their specials match the day-to-day pricing at Rogers. That means the only "local" places are Kings or Dianes in the back of Henderson Valley. Dianes is great for local knowledge - I can ask anything and don't feel stupid at all!

Liriope Silver Dragon

mature Carex Cormans Green - mine are tiny!
This weekend I am looking at migrating the blog to WordPress as Blogger is really annoying me - but will post the link.
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