Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've moved

I'm not happy with Blogger, so I've moved. Everything can now be found at ...

see you there!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Arezzo with dress converted to blue
Stitching has taken a back seat this week. Training plus my birthday on Monday, cadets and plantingTuesday, more training Wednesday and walking last night has meant today is my only stitching time. Lots of reading tho!

We have nearly finished the retaining wall (just the capping for extra seating) hence the planting - now have Liriope Silver Dragon (from Dianes as the chain stores don't carry and wouldn't order) lining both sides of the driveway and Carex varieties lining where the path meets the retaining wall. And a beautiful Boysenberry Brulee to train up the post that the shade sails will connect to It sounds odd when reading the description and parentage, but also yummy.

Next garden project (as we will be waiting on the soil delivery so can't buy or plant the remaining fruit trees I want) is a pallet wall garden for the herbs and strawberrys that will be fixed to the brick wall between the ranch slider and lounge window. Did discover that the local Palmers (Glen Eden) is closing this weekend but their specials match the day-to-day pricing at Rogers. That means the only "local" places are Kings or Dianes in the back of Henderson Valley. Dianes is great for local knowledge - I can ask anything and don't feel stupid at all!

Liriope Silver Dragon

mature Carex Cormans Green - mine are tiny!
This weekend I am looking at migrating the blog to WordPress as Blogger is really annoying me - but will post the link.
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday's game day

Si and the kids doing their cheer. Love under six grade.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two more sleeps

to Dawn Service!

Tonight we went to the War Memorial Museum to watch the restored film. It's becoming a bit of a tradition, but you have to be in quick as its only shown for a few nights.

This year's shows some of the WWI soldiers marching in desert & field conditions, socialising, and being transported to war. Hearing them joke and knowing how few came home? Chills.

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Movie World

there are bits and pieces of Movie World that we loved, and bits we all hated (going backwards on the Wild, Wild West ride, the very loud Asians pushing at every queue). The boys highlight wasn't meeting Batman (picture) but watching the driving show. Very clever, very loud, very slick.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


2014 saw the start of a big creativity phase. So far, I've...

  • started and completed Teresa Wentzler's Stretch (her dragon logo) and a little Christmas ornament is ready to finish as a hanging ornament. 

  • I also added some beads to Misty, one of the TW Rocking Horses. I think she's ready to frame now.
    detail from Misty

  • attended an embroidery class with Zeb, a new friend (who I'm sure will get me in lots of trouble and laughs in years to come). I'm fairly confident with about ten stitches now.
My StitchSmith owl. Yet to be completed. Cause I'm lazy.

  • started and completed Nora Corbett's Santa's Sleigh AND AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT, so much so that I have acquired six of her reindeer patterns.  
    The Sleigh, nearly completed (some beading was still to be done at this point)

  • started Nora Corbett's Arezzo, setting the bar high in making this my first colour conversion (hate the dress colour and the lilac roses, and have made the leaves darker) and my first "over 1", meaning over the one thread not the usual two. Squintville, here I come. Not sure if this is truly an NC or a Mirabilia design, but it's pretty and delicate.

Nora Corbett's Arezzo

I've also stitched quite a few Christmas ornaments (starting early, but there is a lot of downtime while you're waiting at league training and for reports to run) and made a cushion cover from a Pintrest image. Check out my NYC envelope cushion! 

birthday wishes

so I'm nearly 40. Si has been asking for ideas, Louise asks if I want a party. I really don't know but this is my current short list...

  1. time alone! To nap, to read, to stitch, to wander the beach.
  2. Mirabilia's Stargazer chart and beads. That's here: I have the perfect fabric already.
  3. another trip to Sea World - I could spend several hours at that lagoon. My own fish tank can't quite compare. Yet. I do have a shark! 

  4. patience to finish Arezzo. Over 1 might not have been the best choice but now I do know the technique and limitations for when I need to do over 1 on a larger design. 
  5. another Sheltie. I promised Si I wouldn't buy one. I never promised I wouldn't accept one! This is Robbie, adopted from a puppy mill by one of the FIL's friends. He's gorgeous. 

so it's been a while

Until very recently, I've been using Facebook a lot. An awful lot. It keeps me in touch with 99% of my family & friends, it enables me (look, a book! must add that to my TBR pile) and makes me laugh. I can look back on photos and know what we were doing (altho I haven't done much in the albums lately) BUT...

sometimes it isn't as good as journaling can be. Sometimes I just need to write and write and write...

and as Dad and Mum don't use facebook, they aren't in the loop like they should be. HI MUM! HI DAD!

2013 was pretty good to us. Sold one house, moved to the MILs for a while, then brought our new house. Fast - listed Sat morning, we viewed Sun afternoon, we brought Sunday afternoon. We've brought looking at the long term - ok school zones, lots of new buildings (pushing up the price already), close to public transport, close to the MIL and our daughter. We have managed to kill one of the two plants (possibly one for each of the house's birthdays?) but have gained back enough room for the massive trampoline down one end of the property and about the same at the front, just by filling in the drops where soil was dug out and moving the fences to the berm. I love how Si is so clever engineering wise. It will take a lot to move the new fence & retaining walls. I'm looking forward to selecting the fruit trees - proper plants, not just my roses and herbs!

2014 hasn't been so bad either. I'm on a contract with a well established company, the creative juices are flowing, we've squeezed in a family holiday, spent time with friends, and the house is reflective of who we are (and yes, Bran's room could rival a pigsty). All three boys are now playing league (Si & I are coaching Mase's team, which apart from a few unrealistic parents is great fun) and all are doing well at kindy/school. Mase is about to start 4 days a week at kindy, in prep for school - the "lasts" are starting to catch up. Si is now road cycling to make up for the fact he can't run (that achilles/plantar fascialitis is hell) and I enjoy walking with Zac. He's great company. Louise has started her own baking/catering company with a girlfriend and YUM they are already getting word of mouth jobs. 

Anyway, the next posts will be more specific. And hopefully frequent.

Picture: Mase after "helping" Louise with her fabulous chocolate cake 22 April 2014 - a preview of his pirate birthday later this year?