Sunday, December 30, 2012

More destruction

Mase had a fantastic time today helping smash down the gib board. I guess all little boys have this somewhere in their genes.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Today was a creative void, apart from imagining the changes I would make to the house we viewed. Part one would be getting rid of the carpet - it looks like the Jolly Green Giant sneezed. A lot.

Photo inspiration:

Friday, December 28, 2012

Cleaning Up

Some time ago, the laundry plumbing at the MIL's gave up the ghost. We found out when the wall between the laundry & toilet blew up-the skirting board looks awful.

So the plumber has been, and some twit has given her a quote to fix that is so far out it's not funny. Simon's solution is that we clear out everything so we can get a clear view. Hence the 7.5 cubic bin on the front lawn. It is amazing how big that space is. If we had the money I'd re-design the space and have a butler's pantry.

The sprinkling of rain is very welcome - it is hot work in this weather. I'm looking forward to the cricket tonight & some relaxing.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What the?!

Its nearly 2013. I haven't used this blog as I've been using Facebook to keep the creativity going. Clearly a fail, and I know a little too much about some people!

So I've already selected my word for next year. Create. On a budget, too. That will be impressive, no? It is a very good thing I've discovered Pinterest! I'm even machine sewing. My biological mother was good at sewing and used to pick anything I made apart verbally, so until last month it wasn't something I enjoyed. But I made Si a waistcoat for his fancy dress (Al Capone) and then a cupcake print apron (with pockets) that she loves, so now its something to enjoy.

Simon's word for me would be employment. I'm going to relax about that; Bran starts high school next year and Mase starts kindy. Zac will be one of a few year six in a combined 6/7/8 class and he'll find that hard going too. A job will come along at the right time.

And the photo below? That's Mase. Merry Christmas!