Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

It has been an absolutely fantastic Christmas Day, apart from Mase's ear infection and the Skype failing when we wanted to talk to Hong Kong. Photos and more commentary soon, but Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may you feel God's blessings fall on you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

a post for Rowyn

Rowyn is someone I admire. She's got cats for a start, and she finishes her needlework. That is something I struggle with, as I get bored working on the same piece. Her taste is different from mine, but I think she'd like these pieces too ($4.99 from Spotlight, or Rowyn, I'll send you the charts when I'm done). They're little kits from Janlynn.

This nativity is something I want to do; I'll have to order it. I do have somewhere a Just Cross Stitch magazine or similar part nativity, but I'd want it to match.
I am part-way thru the one of Christ in the manger;  if I was kidless each piece would be less than a day I guess. This time around I'll frame in the plastic frames provided but I would like to repeat on 20 count linen and frame as a sequence for the wall. I think that would look quite cool.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yummy smells

Louise and I are making Gingerbread men. I'm grossing her out with my decorating ideas. Ahh, good times.

Recipe here : Gingerbread Men


I finally got up the courage to ring the hospital yesterday - outrage winning over the I-don't-wanna-know's. It's been three weeks since the MRI and even our GP hadn't heard anything. The MRI lab had to send the results thru to the surgery but the upshot is:
the tumor is consistent with the appearance of FNH (so therefore benign)
the size is 6.5 x 4.5 cmm
I still don't know if it requires surgical removal or anything, those doctors notes haven't been made available.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hospital Update

Not me this time, but Zac. He has an issue which he'd rather I didn't blog about (or talk about, or, well, just about anything about!) and the specialist today was pretty happy with his progress. Looks like he won't need an op if he keeps focussed on the therapy. Yay Zac!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The boys

Bran & Zac started a blog today (it's linked to my profile) as they have started the Waitakere Library's summer reading programme. I have high hopes that comprehension will improve - to their dismay I am asking them to tell me, with the book shut, something they have learnt from their reading today.
There was a small outcry. LOL.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

thankful #4

This is to cover Friday and Saturday...cause I was too tired to post last night.

I AM GRATEFUL that it was a gorgeous day on Friday and I got to walk with Mase thru Devonport exploring (Si was doing his medical. Funnily enough it was about the same time 24 years ago he did it for the first time! Things are coming full circle).
I AM GRATEFUL that we recycle things. Brought this pencil sketch print for Si at the Goodwill equivalent (photo to come).
I AM GRATEFUL for the family I am attached to. Si's sister and her husband are visiting, so we have had a Christmas dinner tonight and shared presents. Wonderful night.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thankful #3

Today I'm grateful that we have easy access to quality health care. Mase is still under the weather so went to his GP today.
Also that the boys chose fantastic presents for other people.
And that the new wireless broadband set up worked! Phew - I still have some kudos in my house :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the first feed :)

Mase can now polish down 250 mil and still say he's hungry, so we've started him on Farex. Seems to be working okay on his little reflux tummy!

the first mouthful - I think I overloaded it a bit (ya think?)

thankful #2

Today I'm thankful for:
little boys who love surprises - Troy from WAB gave me some Transformers posters and boards so Si, his friend Kevin and I decorated the room. The photos aren't the best as I had to use my cell but they show the expressions!

for the spring sun - Si & I did a dummy run over to Devonport and walked around for about an hour looking at houses and so on - which is why I had to use the cell as the camera is still in the ute!

for the piles of washing - at least I have people to dirty them, even if there is a reluctance to put them away!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


today I'll start off by following a suggestion by Becky - a week of journalling things that I'm thankful for. So here we go.

I AM GRATEFUL that Si has a job upcoming that he is excited about.

I AM GRATEFUL that I am just about caught up on the trademe sales.

I AM GRATEFUL that as much as they annoy me at times, I have kids. Altho this photo acurately says how we are all feeling at bed time! Lets just say that the Ladder of Certain Doom is getting a damn good workout!

Monday, November 23, 2009

a Mason update

I love the curve of his cheek, the shape of his head. The way he purses his lips before a huge stream of baby babble comes out. The way he plays - so enthusiastic about sticking his tongue out, anything to do with Brandon or Daddy or Zac's cars. The giggles. The singing.

Mase is nearly four months now but wearing 6-9mth clothing. He's almost out of this T-I-double G-R suit that Sharon brought for him but it had to be worn to wiggle & rhyme this morning - one of the leaders always uses a Tigger instead of a baby to demonstrate the moves. One mum said we should have a costume party. The look Mase shot her - he was not impressed to be stuck with a tail!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

tuesday (a totally inspired title)

well the MRI was not as bad as I had thought it would be. Only panicked the once, and frankly I put that down to having to listen to Dolly Parton, LOL. Now have to wait on the doctors report, blah.

Pa's notice is in the Herald today.

Robert Lewis (Bob). Reg No: 447141 Dr NZEF WWII. Born 3 October 1922 Patea, Died 15 November 2009 peacefully at Rotorua. Dearly loved husband of the Late Patricia Mills Dobson. Beloved father and fatherinlaw of Jonathan and Audrey, Christopher and Jocelyn and the Late Peter. Cherished Grandfather of Paula, Robert and David, Sara and Michael, Corinne and Kristin and Great Grandfather to their 12 children. Son of the Late George Whittaker and Irene Badger, Brother to the Late Barbara, Kenneth and Roy King. Former Managing Director of Griffins Biscuits, Lower Hutt. "We will miss his wisdom, gentle nature and sense of humour." The Service for Bob will be held at The Joseph H Gray Memorial Chapel, Cnr Amohau and Pukuatua Streets, Rotorua on Thursday 19 November at 2.00pm followed by Private Cremation. In memory of Bob a donation may be made to the Rotorua Hospital Chapel and left in Grays chapel foyer. All communications, please, to The King Family, c/o P O Box 434, Rotorua. Ph: (07) 349-2468.

Monday, November 16, 2009

well crap

There are sadly a few things to feel crap about.
On the me front, I have my MRI tomorrow. I sincerly doubt that the people involved will look like anyone from Grey's Anatomy, which is my only experience so far with MRIs. I hate enclosed, small dark spaces and even worse, I have to give my glasses up. So blind will be added to my list of woes. Oh, and I am expected to fast. It just gets better and better!
On the family front, yesterday morning our Pa passed on. He was a wonderful man and always had time for us. I feel bad that we didn't take Mase to him (when we were in Vegas recently Si was coming down with a cold and we didn't want to give that to him; just as well as that one landed me in hospital); that we or me didn't make the trip more often. But I know he's happy where he is, with Gran, as they spent too much time apart. Worried about my Dad, and how he's taking it; and feeling for cousin Sara. It's been a rough couple of years for her.
Bran has taken this badly too but was last night quietly curled up with a photograph. I don't think Zac understands death, as he was so "whatever" about it. I think I'll be having a Q&A session with him in a few days when it sinks in.
As for me it just doesn't seem real.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I am completely loving this song and video right now - one to download and put on replay on the iPod! Fireflies

noting too the physical version of Becky Higgin's new kit Project Life is available to order - but at over $170 shipping I'm having to decline! Just as well she's bringing out a digital version :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

oh dear

well it's been a while! My excuse is - feeble. I don't really have one. Whoops.

Anyways, if you're into something like Project 365, head on over to Becky Higgins and get excited about her new kit - it's coming in physical and digital formats. Click to see.

We're all good - I had a stay in hospital recently but getting better. Si has been offered a very exciting contract. Lou has just had exams and while I'm a little disappointed in her English result, she earned quite a few Merits and some Excellence's as well. Bran and Zac are coming along nicely at swimming and Mason is growing so much.

Seven sleeps to Aunty Sharon visiting!

Monday, August 31, 2009

an enormous update

Those of you I know from Facebook will have already met our new VIP, but for everyone else, here's a pic or two - Mason Joel, born August 2nd in Auckland. Hard to believe he's already nearly one month old!

He's absolutely adored by all his siblings, his mum and his dad. A wonderful gift that we didn't expect, but now totally need.

Photos from birth and yesterday at four weeks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

catching up

sorry have been very slack!
Right now, I am at home, having finished work (yay!), just finishing off some things, enjoying time with Si and waiting on bubs. We've done the "dry run" into the hospital (not very exciting), put part of the new wardrobe together (even less exciting, as we took the time to sort out/throw out/laugh at some clothing choices, and I realised I had a snowball's chance of wearing some of these things this year) and just resting.

Bubs is all good and has an eviction date of next Friday, the 31st. I am huge, feel as big as I did with Bran, so a bit aprehensive! Never mind - he'll come out somehow, right? Right?!!

And I need to focus a little on 365 - this has def gone by the wayside. Si hasn't shown any enthusiasm for it which is making it really hard from my POV.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A very quick update on my week…

Monday – boring. So standard I couldn’t even think what to take a photo of. Or talk about. Maybe the kids’ homework? The car dashboard? Dunno.
Tuesday – got onto JetStar and brought Si a weekend home very cheap. Brilliantly cheap!
Wednesday – was supposed to be the D Day for work. Instead they didn’t show up, causing a lot of resentment. The email came thru at 1.35pm about when they were coming – it should have been a lot earlier! But I found out I was nominated for the Warriors Women in League so Lynne and I are going to the function and games on Friday. Yay!
Thursday – amazingly, I almost slept thru the night. First time in two weeks and OMG I can see my ankles again! Got called up for my one-on-one late in the morning. Jerome said that he regretted to tell me that my application for X position had been unsuccessful. Said thanks, but actually I didn’t apply for that position. His face was priceless. Honestly, I could have wet my pants laughing – if it wasn’t so tragically Mickey Mouse. Pointed out that in the general meeting the previous day he had said this wasn’t an opportunity for promotion, and that I’d taken this on board. He said he couldn’t remember saying that, but in this light they needed to reconsider my application. Half an hour later, I have a job. I really think that I was going to be made redundant but their error has meant that they can’t. But happy, as now I have a leaving date, parental leave and a job to return to. Everything I wanted!
Friday – Got wolf whistled at and turned around. On seeing my 32 week belly, his mates gave him grief. Bit late, buddy, I said. Still smiling – he didn’t expect that! Then breakfast with Michelle at Divan. Yummy muesli and fruit. Some loose ends to tie up at work and then some business reading. I need to get some chapters read and notes down.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project 365 - the second week

Here's the spread from this week...Monday is washing Bubs clothes, Tuesday is a print from a new title submission (quite unusual for me to like this sort of print, as I'm more an Impressionist fan, but it reminded me of a very intricate tattoo I once saw) and Wednesday is my catch-up with Barb, my midwife. Spookily I noticed that I drew, completely at random, the same set of journalling tags. Thursday was doing my "homework" or as it is better known, prepping for the interview; Friday was going thru the clothes Aunty Sharon brought; Saturday is about my league team, and being so happy handing out jackets; Sunday was about my altered tin project.
Enjoying this album - it's not really like it's work. Which is something I can relate to!

today's project - scrapping an altered tin

Got a bit bored today - the intention was to clean out my stash. Instead I got sidetracked (as you do) and here's the result. I'm quite pleased with it - my first attempt at altering anything.
What you need:

  • a clean tin (mine measures 5.8 x 9cm)
  • strip of paper - I've used a 8.5cm wide strip of Bazzill. I then measured and concertina foldered this at 5cm spacing, with one space being slightly larger than the others - this gives 10 spaces for phots/journalling and one for the title (I chose to use the largest). I've inked this (Versa color 174 charcoal), punch a hole in the centre of the largest sheet and instead of ribbon, I've used twine as the pull tab. I also used the corner rounder on the pages, as the edges of the tin are rounded.
  • photos - here I chose 13 random ones from some of the places we've been as a family so far this year.

  • Rub-ons - using from the stash Making Memories Heidi
  • Pen - a plain black Zig marker
  • Glue - I just used plain PVA that was in the boys stash and to decorate the lid simply, a Pebbles, Inc sticker that's been in my stash for a few years too.

I have seen some other altered tins that are highly decorated on the outside but that's just not my thing. I have been thinking about how I could alter some other tins - maybe tags in one of those mint tins with the hinged lids? I can see myself buying Fisherman's Friends and tipping out the contents...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Project 365 & a work update

Just a quick update about work - I had my interview and think it went OK. I didn't walk out with that "doh!" feeling that you can have, thinking oops I forgot to tell them feeling pretty cool about things and just waiting to hear back on Wednesday.

Here's the first page from my P365. As of right now I am up-to-date (gasp!) and should be posting this week's pages tomorrow.

Some hidden journalling behind the Thursday photo, Friday is of Louise's baking and the gorgeous smell that floats thru the house when she's home; Sat was about setting up the cot and mobile (the same the boys both used, and Zac still loves), and Sunday is a portion of Bran's ticket from Mt Smart, where he took part in the march-by of all the Auckland clubs before the Wariors played and beat the Tigers.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm starting!

I've spent the last few days thinking on and getting my Project 365 folder together. Here's the cover - the graphic is straight from Becky Higgins' downloadable kit and to add a bit of kiwiana, a plastic tiki I've had for years. On the back of the tiki is really old Air NZ font which surprised me. I have no idea yet where it came from but hopefully it'll come to me. Either that or Si will remember!
The album is a standard Pioneer 12x12, and this first group of divided page protectors is the Bazzill Lickety Splits. The stockist I got these from hasn't got back to me about getting more, so I think I will either create my own by stitching the 12x12 refills that I have (which means I need to get that machine fixed in the next 10 weeks!) or craftytart's website lists the WR Memory Keepers ones. We'll see - depends on energy and finances, I guess.
The first page should be complete tomorrow so I'll post then, and hopefully once a week from then on. Good intentions and all that!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well! And Good Intentions...

Had a "catch up" meeting today and walked away feeling very unsure. The HR person was from AU I think, and didn't even know the laws relating to my situation and redundancy. Hmm.

Thank goodness for the Department of Labour.

My good intention is to spend time tomorrow with Z (off school, another eye infection) and get this project 365 album up and running. I think I have figured out how to create my own pocket protectors and have asked Megan (Sugar Spice blog as listed in my "following") to confirm. Of course this does mean that I will need to get my Nana's bernina record 730 serviced...which it hasn't been for 13 years, but hey. The struggle there will be keeping it in my hands and not MOTAT's!

Simon would probably like to point out that I should be completing the curtains with the machine. Or mowing the lawns if they have dried out some more - which is something I like doing, as the chamomile smells soooo nice...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeling Blah - so looking on the bright side...

Today we had a big meeting at work - well, some of us got carted off to a lawyer's conference room for the big reveal. Talk about scary - and my co-worker was freaking, which I admit now I have a VERY SMALL tolerance for, and that didn't help.
Upshot is our positions are disenfranchised. What a stooopid word. There are positions that we can apply for, but in full on cynical mode I don't see me getting considered. Who would hire someone 30 weeks pregnant? Would you?
So now I am waiting on my interview tomorrow. My entire paid parental leave hangs in the balance too so pretty sick to the stomach (altho that might be the two pieces of fudge).
BUT - having just got my daily fix of Ali Edwards, here's a list of what I'm currently grateful for:
  • Si has a job, and is loving it (long may it last!)
  • I do have bubs to look forward to (if I could sleep thru labour, that would be the icing on the cake)
  • my kids are all healthy, good and adorable
  • my antenatal bloods came back and they were fantastic
  • I adore my totally supportive midwife
  • I've had phone calls of support from suppliers already. Word got out there so fast. Wow.
  • We currently have a roof over our heads and while I may have to go talk to the bank manager, let's leave that until we know something concrete, rather than all these maybes
  • I might finally learn how to use Photoshop.
  • This might be a new door opening.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Those of you who are close family members - please hold that smirk to yourself.
I just found a grey hair. Promptly, of course, yanked it out. Then remembered the old wives tale about this making them replicate even faster...

Had a good weekend with excellent effort on the field and lots of help from Louise (who got to watch Twilight in peace and quiet last night, with no little brothers around to comment! Sorry about your Dad, honey, but I can't control him) and conscripted help from Bran (hopefully that will be the last time he tries to get me up at 4am!); Zac enjoyed his playdate with Cole (they both refused to change or shower out of their playing uniforms!). So a clean and tidy garage - anyone else would park a car in there! - and lots of baby stuff to sort thru and wash. Lots of surplus stuff to list too.

No progress crafting wise but as the other half flies out on Sunday next for three weeks min I hold some hope there...

Monday, May 11, 2009

a wet & wild weekend

I must be the first to admit - I was really hoping for league to be rained out this weekend. And it was! I just had so much to do, and not enough time as it was...
* clean out study (Si did the first of his filing cabinet drawers, yay, and I think found stuff going back to 1986!)
* list the books/items I no longer want (got about 1/4 way thru, so at least some progress!)
* make up the cot (nope, not done)
* help Si plumb in the bath taps and handbasin upstairs (done! just waiting on the sealant to cure and I won't have to share my bathroom with the boys anymore!)
* exchange the library books & Cds (done, small fine, oops)
* feed the ducks at Western Springs (done, and there were heaps of eels too. Even crawling over the rocks under the double arch bridge - gross)

* take the boys into work for a photo with Ben 10 (done, they thought it very cool and wanted to bring him home. Ah, no!)
* clean up the garage (frankly, was never going to happen)
* scrap a digital layout (nope, but found my photoshop guide so some small progress)
* eat breakfast in bed (sadly, not one of my elder three made me any food or cups of tea this weekend! MIL made roast lamb on Friday as a belated birthday dinner and it was yummy)
* cleaned out and organised about half my stash (listed quite a bit)
* thought out the weeks meals in advance. Takes care of that 5pm panic!

So all in all, pretty sucessful. Plus had finished going thru all my years worth of Creating Keepsakes, ripped out the bits I use/want and filed these in clear slips. The rest are going to my midwife next week for her and her daughter to take what they want, then I guess to a kindy. Lots and lots of colour and use for a kindy collage!

Down to 9 weeks of work left as of today. Starting to get a bit scary! At least Si is enjoying his new job...we are a lot luckier than some other families. I just need to work on not being so grumpy. The family would be nodding their heads right about now...LOL

Friday, May 8, 2009

catching up

It seems lately that all I seem to be doing is playing catch-up. At work, home, league - it's really hard to get ahead. This coming weekend is going to have to be disciplined work - I have the lounge, kitchen, study & part of the garage to sort through, ad the cot to assemble and get used to (we brought a new-to-us one, as we'd given away the other years ago).

But I am looking forward to:
* looking at my baby's new bed
* knowing where my stash is at (all over the place is not conducive to scrapbooking or even journalling!)
* selling some or as much as I can of the overload. Si would be shocked, but I can actually say "goodbye" to a huge volume of my books
* planning things, like meals, in advance. I've been sort-of doing this as I look thru the supermarket brochures each week, and there is a fantastic download on Becky Higgin's blog on the 5/5 which I shall adopt
* having a place for the baby's things - need to get the other set of drawers from the MIL's garage

What are you looking forward to?

Oh, and by the way - it's a boy. "Dangly bits" and all.

Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend update

Saturday – one of those rare fine days in league where only one of the boys played – this time it was Bran, up at Hibiscus Coast Raiders. Very relaxing knowing that all I had to do was get him there! We watched the tail end of the Lion Stars play the U7/8 (oh dear, we’ll be coming up against them soon enough) and settled in for the big match.
Bran played very well (and he’s happy with his effort – bonus) – spent the first half on the far wing (converted Blake’s first try) then came off for 10. But when he went back on and scored from one of Louis’ corner kicks on the forth. He had such a big grin on his face as he turned to the sideline to give his coach Calvin two thumbs up. Absolutely priceless.
At the “aftermatch” I got to tell the parents that due to their efforts as well as the boys, the team had been selected to play at Mt Smart on Sunday, between the U20’s and the Warriors. It’s great being able to give positive feedback.
Then spent half an hour with the HBC team management, as they hadn’t been handed the ARL email listing them as playing at Mt Smart on the Sunday. I’m glad we did, as it would have been awful for our boys to get there and not have an opposition.
Quiet afternoon (grouting tiles and napping). Then off to the club for the monthly prize giving which Lynne had mostly organised. Awesome effort and 8 of the eleven junior teams represented, not bad for the first time we’d attempted to have a get-together. Acka had organised Warriors posters and One Tribe drink bottles for prizes and all I had to do was write the certificates and hand everything to Bill to present – neither Lynne nor I wanted to be speaking and sort of pushed him into it. Whoops. But parents should know who the president is, right?!! Sat around after talking to various people then went to collect Louise. Hmm – no answer to phone or text so she hasn’t come home. Again. I wish I could have said it was a surprise but sadly it’s not!

Sunday – had a bit of a sleep in (rough night) then painted sealant on some of the tile grout while Si worked on the other wall. The boys disgraced themselves and ended up having nana naps. Zac & I took Si & Bran to Mt Smart (couldn’t all afford to go, dammit) then went home to get some boring stuff done. Bran played well (no stage fright, although it was his third time playing in front of the crowd). We tried to watch at home but the stats boards kept coming up on the TV. Could hear the crowd cheering so knew it was a good match! Found out later they won 12 tries to 6.

When we picked them up we headed out south – we’d arranged to spend time at Murray & Emma’s house as she’s now moved in. Pretty cool to see things as how Muz described in November (laughing still at the size of the TV) and the kids as usual got on like a house on fire. Went to Jolly Roger in Pine Harbour for tea (the builders forgot to run the gas line, so Emma still doesn’t have a cooktop!) then back to the house. Z won at Buzz (much crowing) and I would like to think that I won the ball fight! Got home very late but happy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous weekend - ours has so far been productive (nearly completed the upstairs bathroom tiling) and relaxing (I fell asleep while Si was watching Deed) and we're looking forward to tomorrow's adventure - a day trip to Taupo, Waiouru & the Army Museum.
Photos tomorrow!
And quick baby update - all well, still a surprise but I am enjoying getting the basics together. It's amazing how much we still have. Very grateful for that.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's been a while since I posted here (altho I have been reasonably good on the forum at Oh Baby!). Things are OK, better with bubs than me, but ONE MORE SLEEP and I get to see bubs again. Tomorrow is the anatomy scan. I've been up since about 3.30 (it's now 7.30) with a stupid cold and obsessing about the scan. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow night or the weekend I'll have pics for you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I See...the start of an album

I took this idea from Ali Edwards some time ago (blogged about it too - click the label link) but am finally getting my act together to create. I fuss a lot about the process and in the end it's terribly simple! Just point, shoot, print, stick in and write. Nothing special at all, except to me. But I do recommend that you start one too!

This is the first photo - it's of Bran, about 20 months (he's nine tomorrow!). His favourite character for a few years was Bear, from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House. We still have Bear, and the DVDs, jacket and other clothes... I hope this baby is as enamoured!

Altho I am a little unsure why the top of the lemon looks green, I love this shot. Produce from my garden, the mint is perfectly focused - I paid attention to the detail.

Si and Zac. I suspect they were plotting something - probably how to get out of the dishes! - but I love that Zac has his father's eyes.

I'll post more as they are created but it is truely simple. One wirebound, interleafed A5 album, a tape runner, corner rounder and a silver pen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a baby update

here's a photo from the latest scan. Only people who have done this before will show any real interest! But his/her back is turned towards us, head to the right.

I was thinking the other day how real this is for Simon, in comparison to my grandfather. Sure, they knew that Gran was likely pregnant, but it must have been a buzz for him to finally be able to feel my father, but so much time would have past. I should write and ask.

Projects and progress

Here's Tapestry Cat. A Teresa Wentzler kit that I brought for myself two Christmases ago and have yet to finish. If you haven't worked it out by now, I flit from project to project. Part of this is (currently) due to preggy brain, and some of it is because this is what I do. Things rarely get completed in one sitting, as I get bored. And when you're renovating houses, working full time, parenting and being a partner, and always involved in things outside of the home as wel, there's the time thing.

But since Murray died I have spent more time on this. I would like to finish it this year; it's been a cathartic tool in that my hands are busy, I am creating something beautiful, and I can clear my head of the worries.And if that sounds wierd, well, we all grieve in different ways.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my day...

I have had the most stressful day. I really don't want to live thru this again.I had some belly pains last night and a lot of gas. At work today it only got worse, really uncomfortable and I went to the doctors. Could be UTI, kidney stones and we'll just check on baby's heartbeat. Oops. Can't find baby.

Right about now I AM FREAKING OUT. Not only pain, but thinking this is the end? I only just got to the point I knew I was really, really having a baby! So had to wait until midday, absolutely busting (they were good, got me squeezed in for a scan) and boom. There he is. The relief was the best thing.

But now I rattle - codeine for the pain, maxalon for the nausea, augmentum (sp) in case there is an infection, and some other stuff which tastes gross to counter the constipation that the codeine will apparently give me. And I still don't know what's causing the pain!

It must have been just as bad for Si. He can't feel the pain (has to put up with the gas, but that's really all just in competition!) but watching me wig out can't be fun.

And the well-meaning but annoying questions about Murray again. I can handle them from people I know who are truely concerned, but the gossip ones I could kick.

CK project 365

This is something that has me so excited! I was about to go onto Becky Higgins' blog and complain that my email to the CS still hadn't been answered when I saw this post - they are offering free downloads to people who couldn't purchase the kit before it sold out! Yay!
Download zip file here (Mac and PC):
and it has jpg elements that you can open in Photoshop, type over, save again as jpegs and print like normal photographs - I like that! Her post is Jan 10th.
All I need now is a 12*12 binder, some divided page protectors and I'm all go. But thinking of waiting this until Surprise is born as it would be kinda cool looking back over his/her first year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night I called my parents to let them know about our wee Surprise. Mum asks when are we getting married. Sigh.
We found out on the 23rd. Went to the doctors as I'd had three migraines in December alone, which is a lot for mein six months, let alone one! Peed on the stick and there we go. I'd rather have morning/all day sickness than a constant headache, but our first scan went well and Surprise looks healthy. And only one, much to Si's disappointment. I think he'd enjoyed winding me up for that fortnight!
So now work knows, and I am still waiting to hear about the promotion that I went for in December. Def still want it! Think I've earnt it too - am putting in as much as I can. Which is admitedly less after two, as all I want to do is curl up on the couch. But that's where Fleur is, and I don't think i'm her type. LOL.
Will post the scan pics next week - a whole week off! Yay for sleepins.I have sensibly not made any appointments before 10...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

giveaway patterns

Sorry I was too tired to post these last night! The wolf lying down is one I have stitched and the other my DH didn't like in the end, but I had kept anyway. Both are from The Stitchery. I forget that magazine's new name - all I can remember is that I don't buy it anymore as it's not the same!

Please let me know if you'd like one or both of these patterns - I think I might list the finished piece and finally get it gone!.