Thursday, January 22, 2009

I See...the start of an album

I took this idea from Ali Edwards some time ago (blogged about it too - click the label link) but am finally getting my act together to create. I fuss a lot about the process and in the end it's terribly simple! Just point, shoot, print, stick in and write. Nothing special at all, except to me. But I do recommend that you start one too!

This is the first photo - it's of Bran, about 20 months (he's nine tomorrow!). His favourite character for a few years was Bear, from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House. We still have Bear, and the DVDs, jacket and other clothes... I hope this baby is as enamoured!

Altho I am a little unsure why the top of the lemon looks green, I love this shot. Produce from my garden, the mint is perfectly focused - I paid attention to the detail.

Si and Zac. I suspect they were plotting something - probably how to get out of the dishes! - but I love that Zac has his father's eyes.

I'll post more as they are created but it is truely simple. One wirebound, interleafed A5 album, a tape runner, corner rounder and a silver pen.

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