Saturday, December 19, 2009

a post for Rowyn

Rowyn is someone I admire. She's got cats for a start, and she finishes her needlework. That is something I struggle with, as I get bored working on the same piece. Her taste is different from mine, but I think she'd like these pieces too ($4.99 from Spotlight, or Rowyn, I'll send you the charts when I'm done). They're little kits from Janlynn.

This nativity is something I want to do; I'll have to order it. I do have somewhere a Just Cross Stitch magazine or similar part nativity, but I'd want it to match.
I am part-way thru the one of Christ in the manger;  if I was kidless each piece would be less than a day I guess. This time around I'll frame in the plastic frames provided but I would like to repeat on 20 count linen and frame as a sequence for the wall. I think that would look quite cool.


Rowyn said...

Aww, thanks Paula. Your admiration might be misguided though. While I do have cats (and they are pretty spoilt), I don't always finish my needlework! lol I have plenty of UFOs languishing in my craft room.

Paula said...

ah but would you have a 6 yo with an unfinished birth sampler? I think not!