Friday, May 8, 2009

catching up

It seems lately that all I seem to be doing is playing catch-up. At work, home, league - it's really hard to get ahead. This coming weekend is going to have to be disciplined work - I have the lounge, kitchen, study & part of the garage to sort through, ad the cot to assemble and get used to (we brought a new-to-us one, as we'd given away the other years ago).

But I am looking forward to:
* looking at my baby's new bed
* knowing where my stash is at (all over the place is not conducive to scrapbooking or even journalling!)
* selling some or as much as I can of the overload. Si would be shocked, but I can actually say "goodbye" to a huge volume of my books
* planning things, like meals, in advance. I've been sort-of doing this as I look thru the supermarket brochures each week, and there is a fantastic download on Becky Higgin's blog on the 5/5 which I shall adopt
* having a place for the baby's things - need to get the other set of drawers from the MIL's garage

What are you looking forward to?

Oh, and by the way - it's a boy. "Dangly bits" and all.

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