Monday, September 29, 2008

I See... a new album

I found a project I can really get into in the August CK magazine. I usually devour Ali Edwards' pages (I really like her clean style) and this month is no exception.

And it's an album I can continue with as a series.

Words and pictures. Some paper or ribbon maybe. No embelishments. No fancy techniques. Clean and simple.

It's all about what you see in a photograph. One example published was a photo of a cup of cocoa and some marshmallows - and the caption is I See...time spent together (or something like that).

I grabbed a notebook and started to think. One example I came up with was a photo of my kitchen bench, close up on a lemon and some mint. What do I see? I see...produce from my garden. Attention to detail. Concentration on the composition of the photograph (something I have been working on lately).

I'll scan the article and if anyone wants me to send it to them, please drop me an email or comment.

PS - On Ali's blog this week she is revisiting an old favourite, A Week In The Life. It's a fantastic project so get on to it! As Ali wrote "This is a creative adventure. It requires little more than a camera and a willingness to pay attention and gather up stuff from your daily life."

PPS - Scary stuff. Simon hands in his notice today to start contracting work. It's a bit nerve-wracking to know he doesn't have a permament contract!

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