Saturday, January 2, 2010

Other stuff

I forgot to say that Mason is nearly up and crawling (he's rocking, so we need to get those gates up pronto!). Zac and Bran can ride their new bikes with ease, and always remember their helmets. Bran also is showing awesome timing with the cricket bat he got from Nana & Grandad. He can heave it over the neighbours house. Oops.

This is Bran's sampler - an Alma Lynne Ark that I altered. Cause I always do.

This is Mason's - Sharon made it from a Maria van Scharrenburg kit. I had to finish off the bottom border but didn't touch it otherwise.

and this is a framed pencil sketch print I found in a Devonport op shop of a Selwyn-like church and graveyard. Si loves things like this. We found a gorgeous old church while roaming the other day - St Johns in Drury. Took some great shots with my new phone.

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Rowyn said...

Ahem, I thought you never finished your cross stitch projects? lol They look great!

My niece is crawling now too, and sitting up and she can stand herself up if you put your hands out for her. Amazing how quickly they learn, isn't it?